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Please, Matthew McConaughey, Read This Joke John Krasinski Wrote for You

Apparently there’s such a thing as citizenship ceremonies for the Hollywood elite, which is the only reasonable explanation for why Emily Blunt, John Krasinski’s wife, and Camila Alves, Matthew McConaughey’s boo, both managed to be at the same courthouse for the same purpose on the very same day. (We kid.) But the women’s passion for America is our gain, as Krasiniski recounted on Ellen what it was like to meet McConaughey for the first time — and the joke he really wanted to tell but didn’t have the balls for. “We were waiting there and waiting for the judge to come out, and the best joke I’ve never told happened at that moment,” he recalled. “The bailiff came out and in my head I went, ‘A’ All rise, all rise, all rise. And as it came out, I realized I couldn’t do it. He looked at me like, Were you going to say something? No!” Remember, McConaughey is an all right guy from Texas.

John Krasinski Has a Really Good Matthew McConaughey Joke