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Jonah Hill Is Welcomed Into a Post-Time’s Up 5-Timers Club on SNL

The Five-Timers Club has cleaned house since the #MeToo movement began. Jonah Hill was welcomed into the Five-Timers fold by Candice Bergen, Tina Fey, and Drew Barrymore. All the famous men in the club had been kicked out for various perceived transgressions. Tom Hanks is out because “Woody” is a gross name for a toy, and “There’s a snake in my boot” is clearly referencing a dick. Steve Martin starts playing banjo without his audience’s consent, and Justin Timberlake ripped Janet Jackson’s shirt off. Um … do the writers remember that Les Moonves tried to destroy Janet Jackson’s career (but not J-Timm’s) after Nipple Gate?

In a lil nod to current events, Bergen offered Hill a new drink, the Pete Davidson. “It’s got a lot going on,” she told him, “but it gets the job done.”

The SNL Five-Timers Club Is Different After Time’s Up