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Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Rest of Innocent Nation to Trumpy Bear

Trumpy Bear, while probably new to you, is not new to the world. As the Cut explained Monday, Trumpy Bear commercials began airing on television in the summer of 2017. What is Trumpy Bear, you might ask? Well, he’s not quite a bear, and he’s not quite the 45th president of the United States Donald Trump, but boy, he definitely has an American-flag blanket hidden inside his body cavity.

Some skeptics have even wondered whether the intense Trumpy Bear ad is a parody, like an SNL sketch, one that makes you nod and think, “Okay, I guess this is a parody of a thing I’m just learning about now.” Either way, Trumpy Bear is real, his brother rides a motorcycle and Jimmy Kimmel Live! riffed on his dramatic advertisement, imagining all the other Americans currently embracing their Trumpy Bear. In doing so, Kimmel has spread the word of Trumpy Bear even further, extending his little furry reach across this great country of ours. Which is, of course, his long-term plan. When Trumpy Bear tries to primary Trump in 2020, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Kimmel Exposes Rest of Innocent Nation to Trumpy Bear