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Kyle MacLachlan to Join Illustrious List of Men Who Have Played FDR

Kyle MacLachlan. Photo: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Kyle MacLachlan has signed on to play the New Dealer himself, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in Atlantic Crossing. The Norwegian-produced series will explore the true story of Princess Martha, the Norwegian royal who fled to America during World War II and lived in FDR’s White House. “Her relationship with Roosevelt will be central to the show,” according to Variety. MacLachlan is one of many fellas who have tackled FDR and his challenging Yankee accent. Who can forget Bill Murray in Handjob Hyde Park on the Hudson? And Jonathan Lithgow has the distinction of having played both FDR and Churchill — two halves of Western society’s greatest bromance. But perhaps the most iconic Roosevelt would be Alan Cumming in Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical. None of the other aforementioned FDRs intervene in a dope fiend’s execution or sing about government surveillance of jazz musicians. It’s all boring WWII stuff.

Kyle MacLachlan Will Play FDR in Norway’s Atlantic Crossing