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Life Is Hard. Let Steve McQueen Direct a Musical.

Photo: NIKLAS HALLE’N/AFP/Getty Images

From Hunger, to Shame, to 12 Years A Slave, Academy Award-winning director Steve McQueen has come to be known for intense, sometimes brutal dramas. And right now, he’s extremely over it, so bring on the choreography! “I want to do a musical,” McQueen explained while a guest on Britain’s The Andrew Marr Show, after an in-depth conversation that touched on Brexit, knife violence and, you know, the general chaos of the modern political clime. Laughed the director, “I want to make myself happy! Let’s get happy.”

Of course, while his new thriller Widows isn’t quite as heady as his more recent films, it’s not exactly sweet or light-hearted, what with the crime and the guns and the Liam Neeson dying and all. However, it sounds like after that previously announced Tupac Shakur documentary, McQueen might be ready for some dance numbers.

“Right now, listen, it’s dark, it’s heavy. There’s no ifs, buts or maybes about it,” said the director about the state of the world, which could definitely be improved by a Steve McQueen musical or two. “It’s so unsure, so uncertain and I think you need to shake off the blues and make yourself happy.”

Life Is Hard. Let Steve McQueen Direct a Musical.