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Mariah Carey Is As Shocked As You Are Glitter Is Number One After the Film ‘Almost Ruined My Life’

Mariah Carey stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to discuss her new album Caution Friday night, but it would be disrespectful to the Lambily not to address their recent (successful!!!) effort to get the Glitter soundtrack to the top of the charts. If you’re stunned any singer’s fanbase can resurrect the soundtrack of a famously panned film into a No. 1 album on iTunes almost two decades later, yeah, you’re not the only one. “Almost ruined my life, and now?,” Carey laughed about the 2001 flop. “#JusticeForGlitter. It’s a movement.”

Explains Carey, “Actually, #JusticeForGlitter was directed at me, because I never do songs from that. It’s … a soundtrack actually.” Oh, we know. “It was a tough time. It was a whole thing. It was a drama,” the singer said about the film’s reception. In the end, however, the music surpassed its origin story. “It is a good album,” Mariah concedes. “The fans made it happen. It had nothing to do with me.” Moral of the story: underestimate the Lambily. They care more about the Mariah Carey family than you care about your own family, and they communicate in whistle notes our ears can barely pick up. You never know what they’re capable of.

Mariah Carey As Shocked As You Are Glitter Is Now No. 1