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You’d Better Believe Yodel Boy Is Out Here Covering Christmas Carols

Mason Ramsey. Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images

I don’t want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing I neeeeeed: Mason Ramsey, or as you know him, Yodel Boy, caroling us into the holiday season. Right on schedule (read: two days into November), country music’s second coming of Hank Williams has released his cover of “White Christmas,” and, truly, it’s all I personally have ever dreamed of. Irving Berlin, eat your heart out. It’s as twee as can be but, listen up, Grinch, your heart’s about to grow until it explodes. And if you think the song is too much, hoo boy, brace yourself for Ramsey’s statement on the reason he chose this carol of all carols to cover: “’White Christmas’ is the best holiday song and I’ve grown up listening to Michael Bublé’s version with Shania Twain. It’s also a song in Home Alone, too — my favorite movie to watch at Christmas!” Oh, the youth.

You’d Better Believe Yodel Boy Is Covering Christmas Carols