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Mike Schur Would Work with Aziz Ansari

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Mike Schur was basically asked how willing he is to embody the ethical life of The Good Place. Last year, Schur apologized for having Louis C.K. on Parks and Recreation after hearing the rumors about him. The Daily Beast asked if the situation is different with Ansari, and if Schur would work with him again. Schur said that he would, but indicated that he’s not willing to pretend nothing happened. “[N]ow is the time when we can start getting specific and really honing in on, what are the behaviors that need to be immediately outlawed forever? What are the behaviors that are more prevalent than others? What are the differences and similarities between them? What are the patterns?” he said. “We need to start really delving into this stuff in a real, intense way to make sure that we get to the bottom of all of it. And that’s gonna be more fruitful, I think, in the long run.”

“The cure for any bad behavior, any systematic bad behavior, any calcified bad behavior,” said Schur, “is to be like, sorry!” I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a guy who makes a show about the redemptive power of friendship truly believes in it.

Mike Schur Would Work with Aziz Ansari Again