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Neon Genesis Evangelion Makes Its Worldwide Streaming Debut on Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Netflix previewed the anime coming to the streaming service next year, including Neon Genesis Evangelion. One of the first anime series to break through to adult American audiences, Evangelion told the story of teen soldiers piloting giant robots, a.k.a. Evas, in the fight against intergalactic and malevolent “Angels.” It was also about how growing up is tough, and how dads suck and clones are weird. The series was praised for its heady psychological themes and completely incomprehensible ending.

But it’s not all killer robots and Freudian theory! Netflix is also premiering an Ultraman anime and Rilakkuma and Kaoru, a cute-as-hell stop-motion series based on the popular toy bear. All three titles premiere spring 2019.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Comes to Netflix Spring 2019