The A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding Trailer Somehow Has Even More Blog Scandals

Sing hosannas and sound the royal Aldovian trumpets because the trailer for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding is finally here. Netflix’s sequel to last year’s ignominiously famous Christmas special will return to the story of intrepid blogger and accidental prince-wooer Amber Moore, now in the process of planning her wedding to Richard Bevan Charlton, king of Aldovia.

There’s no way to know yet whether the follow-up film will be able to capture all the jellied-meats magic of the original installment, but the trailer offers many reasons to be hopeful. Amber talks out loud to her laptop! A cringe-worthy royal-wedding planner announces that he “designs, not plans!” Amber’s snarky friend suggests that maybe she’s having “royal pains”! A very stern member of the royal retainer opens a laptop to reveal the apparently scandalous headline “Christmas Spirit Has Overtaken the Palace,” and demands that Amber cease “any activities pertaining to your blog, immediately.” (No word on whether she’s still allowed to Instagram.) Truly, though, the highlight is the shot of King Richard spinning around in confused circles as snow falls around him, presumably searching for his briefly misplaced lady blogger.

Plus, just in case you’re worried about how things work out, the trailer lays out almost every beat of the film, from Amber’s arrival, to her [snickers] blog conflict, to her eventual happy first wedding dance. It even spoils its own traditional-but-ugly wedding-dress subplot! They say you can never go home again, but this trailer does make me hopeful that at least we can return to Aldovia.

A Christmas Prince 2 Trailer: The Blog Scandals Are Back!