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Netflix Adds Sketch-Comedy Show From Brian Regan and Jerry Seinfeld

Brian Regan. Photo: Netflix

Brian Regan has teamed up with Jerry Seinfeld for a new sketch-comedy show at Netflix. During his appearance on The Tonight Show last week, Regan revealed that the four-episode sketch show, titled Stand Up and Away! With Brian Regan, will debut on the streaming network on Christmas Eve next month, and Jerry Seinfeld serves on the show as an executive producer.

“I wanted to do a show that’s a sketch show but the sketches are set up by stand-up bits — some of the older stand-up bits that I’ve done. So I do those, and those lead into sketches,” Regan told Jimmy Fallon last week. “I always wanted Brian Regan to have his own show because we love him; he’s the funniest guy,” Seinfeld also told Fallon. “I can’t deal with the jungle of network television … so I said, ‘Let me bring you to Netflix; they will do it right.’ So I brought him in and I said, ‘Let’s just make a show with Brian.’” Seinfeld went on to clarify that the show is completely Regan’s baby despite Seinfeld’s executive producer credit, telling Fallon, “Like at the end of your show tonight there are credits, right? And there are executive producer credits of people who do absolutely nothing on this show, is that correct? Nothing — they contribute nothing.”

In case you missed it, watch clips of Regan and Seinfeld discussing the new series below:

Netflix Adds Sketch Show From Brian Regan, Jerry Seinfeld