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Nicole Kidman Isn’t Optimistic for Big Little Lies Season 3

Nicole Kidman. Photo: HBO

It’s already a remarkable feat that Big Little Lies is returning to HBO for a another round of Monterey hijinks, given its inaugural season was based entirely on a standalone book with no sequel. But when Meryl Streep comes calling, you make it work, network executives! As such, a second season based on a story by the original author, Liane Moriarty, will be debuting next spring with the entire girl gang in tow, but maybe don’t hold your breath for a trilogy. Because as Nicole Kidman recently explained when asked about a potential third season by Variety, the schedule gods aligning once again for all of that star power would be unlikely. “I think it would simply be hard to get the whole group together,” Kidman said. “But we would love to do it.” In better news, though, Kidman also shared the backstory of Streep joining the show, which she did via email without even reading a script: “She goes, I suppose now I have to join you. And we were like, What? That’s how much she wanted to support us.” So much so, she’s allowing ice-cream cones to be pelted at her head.

Nicole Kidman Discusses Possible Big Little Lies Season 3