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Olivia Colman Has a Powdery Royal Meltdown in This Clip From The Favourite

In director Yorgos Lanthimos’s new film The Favourite, Olivia Colman stars as an out-of-touch queen caught between the interests of the aristocracy, the military, her royal subjects … and the machinations of her oldest, most beloved friend (Rachel Weisz) and her newest court member (Emma Stone). In this exclusive new clip from the absurd yet razor sharp dark comedy, we meet Colman’s Queen Anne just as she is about to meet with a group of Russian diplomats, but her confidant and companion, Sarah Churchill (Weisz), won’t allow her to liaise with foreign dignitaries looking like a feral badger. Set at the start of the film, the scene establishes the power dynamic between Anne and Sarah that the Favourite will dive so much deeper into as the film goes on, and also leads to one of the queen’s most outstanding tantrums. The Favourite, which is this year’s psychosexual love triangle you truly should not miss, opens in theaters November 23.

Olivia Colman Has Royal Meltdown in New The Favourite Clip