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Pete Davidson Sort of Undermines the Film’s Premise In Red-Band What Men Want Trailer

In the new red-band trailer for the upcoming comedy What Men Want, Erykah Badu imbues Taraji P. Henson with the supernatural ability to read men’s minds, giving her a sneak-peek into their secret inner emotional workings and (at least in the second act) allowing her to leverage them to her professional benefit. All of which is completely unnecessary when it comes to her co-worker, played by Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson, who we can see here engaged in a screaming argument over the phone.

Of course, the film will probably allow Henson a backstage look into, say, Davidson’s loneliness or desire to resolve the familial tension ruining what could be a beautiful relationship with his brother. But you could have guessed that without a superpower, right? From the screams? What Men Want opens on February 8.

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