where's the beef?

It’s Pusha T Vs. ‘Corny Ass Tech Dude’ Thanks to This Anti-Drake Sign

Photo: Pusha T/Instagram

Despite their slow-burn of a feud extending for over a decade, Pusha T wants to make it clear that he would never, ever, resort to petty signage as his next power move. Appearing as a headliner at this weekend’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, a bunch of photos emerged on social media from Pusha’s set, mostly because “Fuck Drake” was flashed onto the backdrop of the stage during one of his songs — which fans, not unreasonably, interpreted as the feud being reignited through Arial Bold. However, the rapper was quick to push back against his involvement with the sign, saying it was the work of a misguided festival technician with a shitty sense of humor. “Corny ass tech dude fucking with my screens,” Pusha wrote on Instagram. “I speak for myself and all of you know how I make my statements! Dissing anyone on screen isn’t part of my show. Otherwise great festival.”

Hey, at least it wasn’t Comic Sans. We all know how it can bring out the worst in people.

Pusha T Angry at Technician Who Displayed ‘F-ck Drake’ Sign