Rihanna Glad to Learn Trump Plays Her Music at His Rallies, So She Can Shut That Down Immediately

Photo: Caroline McCredie/Getty Images for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Imagine it: you’re Rihanna. It’s late. You’re making your way over to your favorite place, only to see Washington Post White House Bureau Chief Philip Rucker tweeting about your music getting the crowd hyped at a Trump event, specifically the President’s Sunday rally in Tennessee. It’d be a little less ironic if Trump was blasting, say, “Umbrella,” but this is 2018 we’re talking about. “Trump’s rallies are unlike anything else in politics,” wrote Rucker. “Currently, Rihanna’s ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ is blaring in Chattanooga as aides toss free Trump T-shirts into the crowd, like a ball game. Everyone’s loving it.”

Everyone except the Rihanna fans on Twitter, of course, who immediately tagged the singer to let her know. Replied Rihanna with a retweet, “Not for much longer…me nor my people would ever be at or around one of those tragic rallies, so thanks for the heads up philip!” Tough news for rally playlist planners, but hey, maybe the President can get “Disturbia” on loan when the campaign trail starts up again next year?

Rihanna Wants ‘Tragic’ Trump Rally to Stop Playing Her Music