cats the movie

As a Reminder That This Movie Is Happening and He’s in It, Here’s Sir Ian McKellen Singing Cats

Sir Ian. Sir Ian. Sir Ian. Always a consummate actor, the Lord of the Rings star stopped by The Graham Norton Show to let Michael Bublé and the audience watching at home in on how he’s summoned a feline energy for his upcoming turn in Tom Hooper’s Cats movie alongside Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, and Judi Dench, among others. “At the moment, I’m looking for the inner pussy,” the actor revealed, after singing the intro for his role, the iconic Gus the Theatre Cat (well, iconic if you were ever 9 and obsessed with Cats the musical.) The path to McKellen’s inner kitten, specifically? Trying cat food, which the actor claims he always thought “smelled as if it might be rather tasty.” Spoiler alert: it was not.

Sir Ian McKellen Sings You a Preview of Cats the Movie