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Rachel Dratch Reveals Her SNL Character Abe Scheinwald Has Died

During last night’s Late Night With Seth Meyers, some big SNL news was revealed when Rachel Dratch stopped by for a chat. Near the end of the above clip, Meyers brings up a grandfather-grandson Hollywood-producer duo the two used to write and play together on the show, with Dratch as old, coleslaw-scarfing, always inappropriate Scheinwald Studios founder Abe Scheinwald and Meyers as his young and embarrassed grandson Brad. “Based on how he talked about movies, I think it’s safe to say that Abe Scheinwald, fictional as he may be, would’ve gotten #MeToo’d,” Meyers says. Then Dratch slips in the tragic news: “He would have definitely been #MeToo’d. He would’ve been brought up on charges. It’s a good thing that he’s dead right now.”

Dratch and Meyers go on to talk about just how much she committed to the role, even going so far as to buy tubs of coleslaw for the read-through that Meyers remembers came out of her mouth “like grass from a lawn mower.” “I’m sorry that I showered you with coleslaw,” she says. “It was worth it,” Meyers responds. “Every second was worth it! Every bit of coleslaw was worth being your friend.”

Watch an old SNL clip featuring Meyers and Dratch as the Scheinwalds below:

Rachel Dratch Reveals Her SNL Character Abe Scheinwald Died