Seth Meyers Explains How to Know If Amy Poehler Likes Your Joke

During his most recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Late Night host Seth Meyers two questions about his fellow former SNL cast members. First up, Meyers revealed Amy Poehler’s unique cackle-based joke-criticism style both during SNL and Meyers’s hosting gig at the Golden Globes earlier this year. “What Poehler gives you is she just cackles when you read the jokes. She gives you incredible confidence that you are gonna go out and kill,” Meyers said. “And if she cackles less, do you kill the joke?” Cohen asked. “She would just say ‘Kill that joke,’” Meyers explained. “She would not fake a smaller cackle, she would just go ‘Oh, not that,’ which is the kindest thing you can do.”

Having already covered his old Weekend Update co-anchor, Meyers chose another SNL cast member when Cohen asked him who he misses working with the most. “On a day-to-day basis … I will just say that I really miss being around Andy Samberg,” he said before recalling Samberg’s win at the Golden Globes this year: “It was the joy of joy. You don’t ever expect that you’re going to give an award to a friend — and an award you didn’t even have to pay for!”

Check out some more clips from Cohen’s interview with Meyers below:

Seth Meyers Explains How to Know If Amy Poehler Likes a Joke