Go to Your Man Cave and Watch SNL’s Delightfully Weird ‘House Hunters’ Sketch

During Liev Schreiber’s Saturday Night Live episode over the weekend, we were treated to something extremely absurd and hilarious with the show’s “House Hunters” sketch. Schreiber and Leslie Jones play a couple featured on the HGTV show who review the houses they checked out during their episode. But for the characters, their dream home wish-list checklist — which officially includes “big yard,” “gas stove,” and “charm,” and unofficially includes room for Schreiber’s man cave — ends up being pretty tough to check off. Drawbacks include vertical floors, one house being completely invisible, one being a literal packet of Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning, and another filled with Australian vampires. This whole sketch was worth it just for the visual of Heidi Gardner happily running through a yard, and it also makes the perfect companion piece to Comedy Bang Bang’s “Tear Down” sketch.

SNL’s ‘House Hunters’ Sketch Is Absurd and Hilarious