Steve Carell Is the Singing Advice Angel Teenagers Need on SNL

If you’re beginning to feel a little anxious about a family Thanksgiving gathering you have to attend later this week, maybe this sketch from Steve Carell’s SNL episode over the weekend will make you feel a little better. In the 1950s-set sketch, Carell plays the estranged father of Aidy Bryant’s character, who temporarily returns home — as a singing angel, no less — to sing to Bryant’s friend, played by Heidi Gardner. “Where the hell have you been? We haven’t heard from you in like six weeks. Mom misses you so much,” Bryant says. “Well, honey, I’m doing singing now and giving teenage girls great advice,” Carell says. “What? You never gave me advice. You would just tell me to can it, and then you’d go and water the lawn and smoke cigarettes!” Unfortunately for Carell’s character, his dream to become a singing angel and “the best thing that ever happened to these teens” doesn’t quite work out as well as he thought it would.

Steve Carell Plays a Singing Teenage Advice Angel on SNL