SNL: The Office Is Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together

Saturday Night Live hosted a mini-Office reunion while simultaneously squashing any hope of an Office revival. Dame comedy is a fickle minx and she cannot be tamed. Steve Carell’s monologue was interrupted by Ellie Kemper, Ed Helms, Jenna Fischer, and even Carell’s own wife Nancy — all of whom were more invested in an Office revival/reboot than him. “Steve, don’t be a dick; do the reboot,” Fischer said, despite having a show of her own on ABC.

Even Kenan was into the idea of a reboot. “It would be like if they wanted you to reboot Kenan & Kel,” said Carell, to which Kenan replied “That would be an honor.” So score one for Kenan and Kel-heads. There’s hope for you yet.

SNL: Office Reunion Proves There Will Be No Reboot