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Stanley Tucci Reacts to Pete Davidson’s ‘Tucci Gang’ SNL Sketch

When Sam Rockwell hosted Saturday Night Live way back in January, Pete Davidson released into the world a perfect “Gucci Gang” parody about actor Stanley Tucci called, of course, “Tucci Gang.” During his visit to last night’s Late Night With Seth Meyers, Tucci was asked about the sketch, and he told Meyers he was “completely shocked” when he watched it. “Of course, I didn’t know the genesis — I didn’t know what it was based on, so my children had to explain to me what it was and showed me the video. So it’s brilliant, and I was very flattered,” Tucci says. “It is wonderful that your children had to explain it to you,” Meyers responds. “I’m looking forward to that part of my life.”

In case you missed it, here’s Davidson’s “Tucci Gang” sketch from earlier this year:

Stanley Tucci Was ‘Shocked’ by SNL’s ‘Tucci Gang’ Sketch