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Stephen Colbert Did the Math, and There’s Something Fishy With Fox and Friends’ Caravan Coverage

If you were able to avoid clips of Steve Doocy repeatedly yelling caravan! into Ainsley Earhardt’s blonde highlights, Stephen Colbert subjected himself — or rather, subjected his footage department on “doctor’s orders” — to watch Fox and Friends for an entire week to see the scope of the show’s caravan fever. And you know what? An interesting correlation was discovered: In the week leading of the midterm election, the show averaged talking about the caravan 21 times per episode, while the day after the election, it was brought up just … once. What a weird coincidence. “It was huge for like a week, and now nothing,” Colbert put it. “It’s the Tide Pod challenge of American politics. Except Tide Pods will actually kill you.”

Stephen Colbert Mocks Fox News for Dropping Caravan Coverage