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In the Crackdown 3 Trailer, the Only Person Strong Enough to Fight Terry Crews Is … Terry Crews

Just when you think there can never be enough Terry Crews to love, he duplicates himself. In the new Crackdown 3 trailer, Crews plays himself and his in-game alter ego Commander Jaxon. Jaxon jumps out of fridges and gym bags, Cato-style while Crews flexes his pecs, Terry Crews-style.

Crackdown is an open-world series from Microsoft where you play superhuman Agent that bust mafiosos and throws cars at wrongdoers. But if it was a game about getting mildly startled by Terry Crews, you wouldn’t see me complaining. Crackdown 3: Crews Control drops next February.

Terry Crews vs. Terry Crews in ‘Crackdown 3’ Trailer