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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! See Charles Goes From Lad to Prince in This The Crown Photo

Photo: WENN.com

If we knew that “investiture ceremonies” were an excuse to serve up some hybrid Pope–Cruella de Vil lewks, maybe they would be covered as much as the royal weddings. Just a thought! In the newest photo to emerge from the set of The Crown’s third season, Olivia Colman (Queen Elizabeth) and hot youngin’ Josh O’Connor (Prince Charles) filmed a scene to commemorate the day Charles officially received his royal title of prince of Wales, which, castle grandiosity et al., took place in 1969 in the small Welsh town of Caernarfon. Charles’s investiture caused a significant amount of drama within the country in the days leading up to it, culminating with bomb deaths that threatened to cancel the ceremony. Yet we somehow feel the most scandalous plotline for him hasn’t even begun shooting.

The Crown First Look: Prince Charles Becomes a Prince