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The Internet Is Coming to Steal Your Whole Life in the Cam Trailer

You likely know Madeline Brewer best as the scene-stealing supporting actress from intense shows about women. She played the adorable and tragic Tricia in season one of Orange Is the New Black, and is your favorite one-eyed concubine, Janine, in The Handmaid’s Tale. Now, Brewer is moving front and center with Cam, a candy-colored horror movie about the hijacked life of a professional cam girl. The story focuses on Alice, who is known to her subscribers as Lola and is a rising star in the paid life-casting world. She makes good money and is almost obsessively focused on becoming the most popular performer in her cam community, but the whole thing turns dark when her identity is stolen and her account is taken over by an exact replica of her. Cam comes from a script from Isa Mazzei, a former cam professional who’s had to reckon with the dissolving boundary between real life and your crafted digital persona, and it was directed by first-time feature helmer Daniel Goldhaber. It lands on Netflix November 16, just in time for some real uncomfortable Thanksgiving family viewing.

The Internet Will Steal Your Whole Life in the Cam Trailer