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The Titan Games Trailer Makes You Wonder What in God’s Name Dwayne Johnson Does at the Gym

In the trailer for The Titan Games, Dwayne Johnson’s personal addition to the American Gladiators/American Ninja Warrior genre of physical competition shows, the actor claims that “every challenge these competitors will face is inspired by the workouts that have fueled me, the struggles I’ve experienced, and the disciplines I believe in.” If that’s the case, it would suggest The Rock is working on his fitness in some kind of flame-engulfed CrossFit in the Hellraiser dimension. Smashing concrete balls? Throwing bizarre, stylized anchors? Fighting over a gigantic log? The show looks like Saw for jocks. Don’t worry, they also balance out the Hunger Games vibe with jacked grandmas and sobbing competitors, because surely they’d be at Dwayne Johnson’s Dark Equinox of Pain too. The NBC series will premiere in January.

Titan Games Trailer Basically Dwayne Johnson’s Gym Routine