Gemma Chan and Peter Capaldi Will Ruin You in the Watership Down Mini-Series


It’s been two years since the upcoming remake of Watership Down was first reported, with John Boyega, Nicholas Hoult, Gemma Arterton, James McAvoy, and Ben Kingsley announced as voice talent for the mini-series about a group of rabbits fleeing death and destruction. Today, another handful of Brits joined the cast, so welcome Gemma Chan (as Dewdrop), Peter Capaldi (as Kehaar), Rosamund Pike (as the Black Rabbit Of Inlé), and Taron Egerton (as El-Ahrairah) to this reboot of your childhood trauma, according to Deadline. Based on the book by Richard Adams, this adaptation will reportedly bring a “new interpretation” to the classic story. And yes, listening to the comforting sound of Chan’s voice guide us through tragedy will certainly be a “new” Watership experience, so, thanks? If you didn’t see your favorite British actor above, don’t worry, the voice cast also includes Olivia Colman and Tom Wilkinson, among others. It was also reported today that Sam Smith will record a new original song called “Fire on Fire” that will be used as the theme, so just make sure you know where your tissues are.

Gemma Chan, Peter Capaldi Will Ruin You in Watership Down