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Megan Fox’s Preferred Method of Vandalism? Writing Nietzsche Poems on Walls

Megan Fox played Plead the Fifth on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and admitted to some pretty embarrassing stuff. For one thing, having romantic feelings for Shia LaBeouf at one point. Fox also copped to liking Mary-Kate Olsen more than Ashley, which tracks. Everyone knows Mary-Kate is the intellectual’s choice. Most intriguingly, Fox said that after a fight with her husband, Beverly Hills 90210’s Brian Austin Green, she once scrawled poems by Friedrich Nietzsche on his wall with permanent marker. What poem?! “Aftersong,” maybe?

“O heart, you deceive enough,/ your hopes stayed strong:/ hold your door open for new friends!/ Let the old ones go! Let go the memory!/ Once you were young, now — you are even younger!” That sounds like a breakup poem, right?

One thing we can all agree on: writing Nietzsche on your dude’s wall is such a Mary Kate move.

When Megan Fox Is Mad, She Writes Nietzsche on the Dang Wall