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Spoilers Prevented A Star Is Born’s Soundtrack From 2019 Grammys Eligibility

Photo: Warner Bros.

While you all were out here worrying which A Star Is Born track will clinch the Oscar for Best Original Song, we’ve forgotten about the other ceremony that also hands out some brass to worthy tunage: the Grammys. And we hate you break it to you, but next year’s Grammys will be devoid of the sonic delights of Ally and Jackson Maine’s beard, except in one capacity. As confirmed by THR, the film’s soundtrack will be ineligible for consideration at the 2019 awards, because the album was not released before the October 1 deadline. This was a strategic choice made by producers to keep spoilers at a minimum, even though A Star Is Born had three previous film iterations. “We didn’t want to release the soundtrack before the movie because the soundtrack really is the story of the film,” producer Lynette Howell explained. “There are multiple tracks in there that are soundbites from the film and so it was really important that people experience them simultaneously and it was important to Bradley that audiences got a chance to experience the movie first or at least alongside.”

However, there’s one nugget of good news. “Shallow,” which was released as a single a few days before the deadline, can (and will) compete in a 2019 Grammys category. As Ally herself might say in appreciation: “HAAA AH AH AH AH, AAAH AAAH, AH AH AH AH HAAA.”

Why A Star Is Born’s Soundtrack Is Ineligible for Grammys