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Cher Cries, Doesn’t Disturb a Speck of Makeup, During Adam Lambert’s ‘Believe’ Cover

There go those pesky Kennedy Center Honors reducing people to tears again. At the 2018 ceremony, which aired on Wednesday night after taking place earlier this month, Cher was among the honorees, along with Reba McEntire, Philip Glass, Wayne Shorter, and the team behind Hamilton. Adam Lambert, of American Idol and new Queen front man fame, was picked to perform Cher’s “Believe” in tribute to our national treasure. And in that AI spirit, he rearranged her hit so it’s a ballad, and do you know what ballads do to people??? Bring on the waterworks. Yes, indeed, Adam Lambert made Cher cry much like Aretha Franklin made Barack Obama cry at the Honors a few years ago. Obviously, Lambert’s was less of a moment, but still, it got to Cher. Cher! She can be seen wiping away her tears toward the end, without disturbing a speck of eye shadow of course, and giving him a standing ovation.

Later in the night, Cyndi Lauper also paid tribute to Cher with a rendition of “If I Could Turn Back Time,” during which Cher can be heard shouting from the balcony, “You told me you were going to Los Angeles!” Cyndi shrugs, “I lied.” Well, that lying Lauper got everyone dancing and then got all the couples in the room in their feelings by joining Lambert for a duet of Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe.” Little Big Town also performed a rousing Cher medley and Whoopi Goldberg celebrated Cher in full character as Cher, accent and outfit included.

Naturally, Cher livetweeted the whole broadcast and tried to put her feelings into words, but it was no use. Just let the tears do the talking, queen!

Cher Cries During Adam Lambert’s Ballad ‘Believe’ Cover