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American Gods Season Two Will Resurrect in March

Poster for American Gods season two. Photo: Starz

Last year, Starz made a big splash into holy water with the debut season of American Gods, its critically acclaimed adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel of the same name. In it, we followed ex-con Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) as he traveled the country with a mysterious con man named Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), meeting various anthropomorphized deities along the way. The show reportedly went through subsequent turbulence involving a rotating cast of showrunners and the exit of Gillian Anderson, but it has survived its via dolorosa and Vulture can exclusively announce that it will be returning to your screen on Sunday, March 10, 2019, at 8 p.m. and will be available the same day on the Starz app. What’s more, we have a first look at an official poster:

Photo: Starz

The second season will be a tense one, it seems. “A council at the House on the Rock explodes into chaos,” Starz says in a release, “sending deities both Old and New on quests across America that will converge on Cairo, Illinois: forcing Shadow to carve out a place as a believer in this strange new world of living gods — a dark world where change demands commitment, and faith requires terrible sacrifice.” Meanwhile, the sinister Mr. World (Crispin Glover) “plots revenge for the attack against him” and “Shadow throws in his lot with Wednesday’s attempt to convince the Old Gods of the case for full-out war, with Laura and Mad Sweeney in tow.” As anyone who’s read the novel can tell you, anything involving the House on the Rock (which I hear is quite nice in real life!) portends a special brand of thrills. Pray hard enough and March will come sooner than you think.

American Gods Season Two Will Resurrect in March