Bring Xmas to Area X With This Jolly Annihilation Gingerbread Lighthouse

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Talk about making something new. If the past few weeks of incessant cheerfulness and compulsory Christmas-movie-watching leading up to the holidays has left you with a bad taste in your mouth, let this Annihilation gingerbread lighthouse leave you with something a little sweeter. Made by Girl Code actress Shalyah Evans and her baker mother Catherine Stegman, their edible fanart depicts all your favorite parts of Alex Garland’s eerie adaptation of the Jeff VanderMeer sci-fi novel, from the halo cellophane “Shimmer” to the skulls of the expeditioners sent before you to probe this unstoppable festive force.

“Behold my ANNIHILATION gingerbread lighthouse!,” Evans posted to Instagram. “Compete with glass tree things, bone display, people trees, and horrifying impact point (Natalie Portman sold separately).”

Warning: Vulture holds no responsibility if the creation or consumption of an Annihilation gingerbread lighthouse causes minds and bodies to be fragmented to the smallest parts until not one part remains or in any way positively affects your marriage to Oscar Isaac.

Annihilation Gingerbread Lighthouse Brings Xmas to Area X