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Benedict Cumberbatch Is the Man Who Scammed a Nation in the Trailer for HBO’s Brexit

The swindlers of the world really took things to a new level in 2016, and HBO has a movie that digs into one of the great con jobs in modern political history. (There was definitely another really consequential heist of democracy that year, but we just can’t put our finger on what it was right now…) In Brexit, a balding Benedict Cumberbatch plays Dominic Cummings, a strategist for the Leave campaign who apparently played an instrumental role in turning the sentiment of Britain’s voting populace against the European Union. Based on this new trailer, it looks like Cummings harnessed the complementary powers of xenophobia and social media to whip up a slight enough majority for Leave to triumph, regardless of Rory Kinnear trying to stop him. It’s also easy to spot the Boris Johnson character in Brexit, because that hair could only exist on one man. Catch the movie when it premieres on January 19.

Benedict Cumberbatch Scams a Nation in the Brexit Trailer