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Billy Eichner Tries to Cheer Up New Yorkers With Lin-Manuel Miranda

Stop what you’re doing because a brand-new installment of Billy on the Street just dropped. This time around, Billy Eichner hits the streets with fellow native New Yorker and Mary Poppins star Lin-Manuel Miranda for a game called “Is Anybody Happy?” that basically entails Eichner using Miranda in an attempt to cheer people up during these desperate and depressing times. Highlights include a very sweet and happy woman who also happens to make Garfield fan art, a perfect description of Moana from Miranda, and another woman who initially doesn’t recognize Miranda but then drops a bomb after Eichner tells her he’s the Hamilton guy. “I apply like every day on the stupid app to win tickets and I never do, so you’re out of sight and out of mind because I’ll never ever see that show!” she says. “You tell ‘em, bitch!!” Eichner screams.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Billy on the Street’s Happiness-Maker