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James Gunn’s Brightburn Trailer: Wait, What If Superman Was Basically Damien From The Omen?

Plenty of superhero storylines have imagined what could happened if an almost all-powerful being embraced the dark side. In the first Brightburn trailer, directed by David Yarovesky and produced by James Gunn, however, the filmmakers ask: What if he was simply born into it? Meet Brandon, an alien baby turned all-American boy who, unlike Clark Kent, doesn’t use his powers for good. Instead, he makes a truly horrifying mask and tears apart a diner.

Desperate to salvage any goodness left in him, Elizabeth Banks co-stars as Brandon’s helicopter mom. As in, she’s going to need a helicopter to help the government stop her kid’s reign of terror. The superhero horror film, hopefully the first of many peanut-butter-and-chocolate-level genre mash-ups in our cinematic future, hits theaters May 24, 2019.

Brightburn Trailer: Wait, What If Superman Was an Evil Kid?