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Bryan Cranston Stars As Kris Kringle and Evil Goth Kris Kringle in Colbert’s Kid-Made Santa Fight

Bryan Cranston kicking his own ass as two competing Santas forced to settle their familial feud with kung-fu and axe play? It’s a Christmas miracle! In the Late Show’s latest “Kid Pitch” segment, Colbert’s tiny film execs prove once again that children are hyper-violent geniuses, resulting in a new holiday film more violent than both Home Alone’s combined: Santa Fight: Saving the Holiday From Atnas.

Watch as the Breaking Bad star channels Kris Kringle and his disgruntled younger brother/evil twin in the faux film, which, unlike Die Hard, is actually a holiday movie. Cranston is joined by Laura Linney, Rachel Dratch, the voice stylings of Nick Kroll and John Oliver as a blade-wheeling elf. Hope you wanted a seven-dollar smackdown for Christmas, because your stocking is about to be absolutely stuffed with one.

Bryan Cranston Fights Christmas Evil in Kid-Made Santa Fight