The Bunnies Are on the Run in this First Watership Down Trailer

After one bunny in a warren has a vision of death and destruction, he warns his community that they have two choices: Leave their home and try to survive, or stay and die. Thus begins the harrowing adventure of Watership Down, a forthcoming mini-series adapted from the Richard Adams novel of the same name, and co-produced by the BBC and Netflix. (It was previously made into an animated feature film in 1978.) The first trailer for the program just landed, and it will start streaming on Netflix on December 23. That’s when you can hear so many of your favorite British actors — including James McAvoy, Daniel Kaluuya, Nicholas Hoult, Ben Kingsley, John Boyega, Gemma Arterton, Rosamund Pike, Gemma Chan, Peter Capaldi, Taron Egerton, Olivia Colman, Anne-Marie Duff, Rory Kinnear, Tom Wilkinson, and more — try to escape death as cute, furry rabbits.

Bunnies Are on the Run in the First Watership Down Trailer