Cardi B Returns to Getting Money on the Pole in Her ‘Money’ Video

Cardi B doesn’t dance now because she doesn’t have to, but she’ll do it if she damn well pleases, just for fun, thank you very much. In her video for “Money,” an ode to providing for her daughter Kulture by any means necessary (alone now, sigh) and self-funding her lavish lifestyle, Cardi makes her grand return to the stripper pole joined by two women whose core strength defies all laws of physics. Myyyy goodness, money moves indeed. She also breastfeeds Kulture throughout because that’s what working moms do. “Money” is Cardi’s first solo single since her Grammy-nominated debut album Invasion of Privacy and she’s been hinting at a second album in the works. May no one else dare disturb her peace while she’s at it!

Cardi B Returns to Making Money on the Pole in ‘Money’ Video