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Three Delightfully Weird and Funny Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure

Ana Fabrega and Lorelei Ramirez in Adult Swim’s Pervert Everything. Photo: Adult Swim

Could you use a break from the news and work and the weather and the holiday shopping you’re behind on and the winter cold you’ve been trying to kick? Luckily, it’s been a particularly prolific week when it comes to extremely silly and weird videos released online by comedians, so we’ve decided to round up three of our favorites for your viewing pleasure.

First up, we’re big fans of Los Angeles–based comedian Chris Fleming, and this week he dropped a delightfully strange video that is well worth the one-minute view. It’s a very simple, albeit absurd premise: Sufjan Stevens got extremely scared by a Kate Bush video:

Next up is frequent Conner O’Malley collaborator Carmen Christopher, who has been posting lots of ridiculous videos lately in the New York City subway and on the Sex and the City bus tour. His most recent video, however, takes aim at Darren Knight, the comedian who performed at this year’s Just for Laughs comedy festival as part of Variety’s Top 10 Comics to Watch showcase, gave a “mini-lecture on how comedy should not be about sexism or race,” got booed offstage, insulted the other comedians on the lineup, then got into an altercation with some of them afterward including SNL’s Chris Redd. Knight has made a name for himself online mostly due to his “Southern Momma” character, which Christopher’s new video pays tribute to perfectly:

Finally, here’s a new infomercial short for Adult Swim presented by PFFR and New York–based comedian Lorelei Ramirez titled Pervert Everything, a disturbing 11-minute fever dream that is not for the fainthearted or easily scared viewer. Ramirez is a total chameleon here, transforming into a range of bizarre characters in segments that are as funny as they are terrifying and sometimes disgusting, featuring appearances by a bunch of New York comedians (A highlight: Ana Fabrega saying “I don’t want to have sex on TV.”). As with most Lorelei Ramirez creations, it’s better seen than explained:

Props to Fleming, Christopher, and Ramirez for keeping truly weird comedy alive and well.

Three Weird and Funny Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure