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Stephen Colbert Feeds Us Enough Mike Pence Insults to Fuel the Rest of 2018

Rumor has it, Mike Pence might receive a Trump Dump and be banished from the president’s 2020 ticket, given that he’s … kind of a forgettable dude, all of those wild Hamilton shenanigans aside? Stephen Colbert is thrilled! Mostly so he can break out his arsenal of choice insults against the Vice-President of Milquetoast, emphasis on the zzzz: “He’s so boring people forget you exist. He’s vanilla envelope taped to a beige wall. He’s like parsley that doesn’t like gay people. My apologies to parsley.” At least Pence’s post-White House job prospects are looking good, though: “Off-white paint swatch, sun-faded department store mannequin, ghost of a plain yogurt.”

Colbert Mocks Mike Pence Being on the Outs With Donald Trump