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Courtney Act Reminds Us All That Queerness Is the Real Reason for the Season

England truly has our Christmas content beat. They get a Doctor Who special (usually), a Big Fat Quiz, and now a shiny floor special starring a cavalcade of Drag Race alums. Courtney Act’s Christmas Extravaganza! started with a big number about how queer Christmas is when you really think about it. You fist a turkey, you celebrate that time three men gave a baby incense and jewelry. Jesus has two dads. The list is endless. Season-six girls Bianca Del Rio, Adore Delano, and Darienne Lake joined Act as the three wise men. The holidays can be a hard time for queer people with bigoted families, so this song will hopefully remind everyone that Christmas is as straight as a candy cane.

Courtney Act Reminds Us That Christmas Is Gay