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Stephen Colbert Is Begging History to Repeat Itself With This Trump—Nixon Coincidence

Of all the things that could’ve linked former president Richard Nixon to current president Donald Trump in our “political climate,” their drawl and penchant for scandalous activities are taking a temporary back-seat in favor of some Florida hospitality. Because as Stephen Colbert realized on The Late Show last night, Trump is heading off to his balmy Mar-a-Lago compound for the remainder of the year, a move that, gasp, held major significance for Nixon’s administration decades ago. “Coincidentally, Richard Nixon went to Mar-a-Lago a month before he resigned from the presidency,” Colbert explained, crossing all of his fingers. “Oh history, please repeat yourself! We did our part by not learning from you!” Let’s regroup on January 22.

Trump and Nixon Share a Funny Coincidence, Says Colbert