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Stephen Colbert Knows Who’s Royally Pissed About Trump Canceling His Press Christmas Party

Donald Trump decided to exercise his executive power and cancel the White House’s Christmas party for the press this year, which, yeah, what did we honestly expect, but it’s a shame for our party-loving New York Magazine political brethren in the capital. Stephen Colbert can’t help but feel bad for one particular group of press, though, especially since they’re now deprived of some quality Suck Up to Trump in the Yuletide time. “The press really looks forward to it. The Fox News people really love kissing Trump’s ass under the mistletoe,” he explained. “In the past, visitors got to roam the decorated mansion with a spouse or other family member. Although this year, you risk getting lost in the forest of blood trees.” Don’t prick yourself!

Colbert Mocks Trump for Canceling His Press Christmas Party