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Fyre Festival Goes Up in Flames All Over Again With New Netflix Doc

Because there’s no way to put out the flames started by Fyre Festival, we’re now getting a second doc on the catastrophe. Netflix has announced FYRE, an elegy for “the greatest party that never happened” directed by Chris Smith (Jim & Andy) and produced by Vice Studios. It’ll take you inside the not-so-luxe festival created by all-time scam artist Billy McFarland and Ja Rule that duped Instagram influencers and concertgoers alike into attending a destination music festival advertised as paradise that turned out to be hell on Earth. “He just would not take no for an answer, ” an employee says in the trailer. “And he just kept on pulling money in, somehow.” Well, of course, we now know how: McFarland was recently sentenced to six years in prison and branded a “serial fraudster” for lying to investors who bankrolled the thing. The doc promises a “first-hand look into [the] disastrous crash of Fyre as told by the organizers themselves.” Meanwhile, Hulu also has its own competing docuseries on the debacle coming next year. Netflix’s doc premieres January 18, pathetic excuses for sandwiches and all.

Fyre Festival Rages on With a New Netflix Doc