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Damn It, Reporters, You Spoiled Cardi B’s Grammy News for Her

Photo: John Lamparski 2018/Getty Images

Cardi B will likely be popping in and out of New York courts for the next few months due to, uh, an incident involving attacking some strip club bartenders, but at least she’s wearing cute floppy hats and making the best of it, Perry Mason style! That is, until a reporter decided to ruin everyone’s mellow flow by asking Cardi what she thought about her five Grammy nominations, a fact she wasn’t yet aware of … since she was, you know, likely dealing with behind-closed-doors law stuff while the nominations were announced. Her reaction is cute, okurrrrrr, but frankly, she did not want to be informed by such a lowly journalist punk. “This is not how [I] expected to find out I’m nominated for a Grammy,” she posted on Twitter with the video. “I need a do-over.”

We’re sorry.

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