What Exactly Is Henry Cavill Planning for His Dog? An Investigation

If you’re a follower of Henry Cavill’s Instagram, you know that things over there can get a little intense. And while we might not always understand Cavill’s antics, his love of his American Akita named Kal has always been one of his more relatable qualities. Lately though, Cavill’s Instagram posts have begun referencing a “project,” which we here at Vulture are desperate to understand, especially his most recent post, which refers to his dog as an “ingredient.” This is wording that, if this were anyone else, would compel us to call someone. The mystery started with Cavill’s Instagram post from the Great Wall of China on October 1, where he referenced beginning a journey. “I’ve discovered something that can bring me closer to the things that really matter to me in life,” the Superman star told his followers. “Things like honor, loyalty, family, love, bondship between people and animals, amongst many other things.”

Cavill doesn’t plainly offer up what that something is that can bring him closer to all this, though the hashtags #MyEverence and #InkThisMoment provide some reassurance that it’s neither Scientology nor Jesus. Everence is a company that, according to their website, can add the “essence of something sacred to you” to tattoo ink. Cavill again used the hashtags in a similarly enigmatic post on October 9, which featured a notebook, surrounded by candles, presenting what appears to be notes on Cavill’s ancestry set to some wildly cinematic music. Maybe this is a glimpse at his home office? Seems intense.

From there, Cavill begins ominously referencing to a “final project” in the Everence posts. Another video filmed in his garden features the actor offering up how he feels about peace. “This is one of those things, one of those things that matter to me dearly and will be added to the final project,” he tells his followers. Unfortunately, the Everence FAQ section does not clarify if it has developed the technology to add general feelings or concepts to tattoo ink, so while Cavill captioned this post “Another piece of the puzzle,” it feels more like he’s breaking up the puzzle pieces into even smaller puzzles for us.

Weeks later on October 27, the actor drops another post referencing his final project. Saying that it will definitely include nature and his connection to it. Not any specific element of nature, mind you, but in fact the concept of nature, generally.

Finally, we reach the apex of this mystery, which features a video of Cavill’s dog Kal frolicking, with a voice-over from Cavill himself, accompanied by highly cinematic music, in which he describes how important Kal is to him. This is all well and good until the end, when the Mission: Impossible actor announces that Kal the dog will be the “very first ingredient in the final project, so no matter what happens, he’ll forever be with me.”

While describing his dog as an “ingredient” is certainly alarming, it’s completely likely the actor is simply planning to use some of his dog’s DNA in a tattoo, which will also feature the essences of nature and peace … right? It’s unclear if Cavill was compensated for these posts, as he does not add any kind of disclaimer to indicate that they were sponsored. However, it does appear that Everence is offering 20 percent off today, so if you have any pets, loved ones, or essences you need harvested, act now!

What Is Henry Cavill Planning for His Dog? An Investigation