People Are Convinced Grover Said the F-Word on Sesame Street, But That Just Does Not Sound Like Him

Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

First of all, let us just establish that there is no conceivable way Grover dropped an f-bomb on children’s television, inadvertently or intentionally. However, just like The Great Dress Debate of 2015, a clip of the famous Sesame Street resident declaring something either “an excellent idea” or “a fucking excellent idea” has got the internet up in little, furry, stick-controlled arms.

First observed by J.D. Durkin (on Twitter, at least), it would seem we have a full Yanny and Laurel situation on our hands, meaning that what you hear might depend in part on your device and/or speakers situation. For what it’s worth, we heard Grover let loose with an explicit f-bomb twice … then never again. You can go ahead and listen for yourself below. Either way, at least there’s one thing we can all agree on: Yanny and Laurel would make for some very, very cute new muppet names.

Internet Debates If Grover Said the F-Word on Sesame Street