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Jameela Jamil Now Wants You to Unfollow Celebrities Selling Detox Teas

Photo: NBC

Can’t stop, won’t stop: On the Today show Tuesday morning, Jameela Jamil continued her crusade against celebrities promoting detox teas online. After calling out select celebs by name — Cardi B, the Kardashians, and Iggy Azalea — Jamil broadly condemned all celebrities pushing these diet products. When Al Roker asked her about her activism around body positivity, Jamil slammed the teas, which she described as essentially bad laxatives: “There are lots of ‘detox teas,’ they’re called. There’s false health advertising around them, and they’re being flogged by celebrities who have no integrity or care for their fans,” she said. “These drinks are laxatives. They will just make you go to the toilet and that will give you a flat stomach for about a day, and then the next day you will have bowel complications a lot of the time. While I’m sure you don’t want to talk about this in the morning, unfollow those people, people who sell you toxic rhetoric about your body image, or try and sell you toxic products that they don’t know what’s in them; they probably don’t drink them themselves. Unfollow. Stay away. Be safe!”

Jamil is back in the tea discourse after calling airbrushing a “crime” against women.

Jameela Jamil Wants You to Unfollow Celebs Selling Detox Tea